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Digital PR Guidebook, Vol. 4 (Digital Version)

Quick Overview

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PR News has collected the best ideas and tactics and tucked them into PR News’ Digital PR Guidebook, Volume 4 in order to lighten your load. You’ll find tremendous insights in this guidebook. From how to master Facebook for your brand to how to tweet during a crisis, this guidebook will show you the way. From optimizing your press releases (yes, press releases are still important) to integrating mobile into your PR plan, this book will serve as your guide. We show you how to measure social media results in meaningful ways, with the added benefit of impressing your boss or clients.

Digital PR Guidebook, Vol. 4 (Digital Version)



Getting to the Boiling Point of Social Media

PR News readers often ask us what their role is with video, and after reading this book you’ll see how important it is to your communications plan not only because it’s favored in the search algorithm but because investors and other stakeholders actually do watch your videos and make important decisions based on what they are seeing and hearing about your organization.

Not to forget e-mail as the “original social media,” we directed some of our contributors to share what works and what’s as good as spam when it comes to e-mail. There are aha moments in the book and necessary reminders, including using “10 cent words” sparingly in your tweets and not using all 140 characters when tweeting (the shorter the tweet, the more likely it gets shared).

Chapters Include:

  • Social Media: Twitter, Google+ and Beyond
  • Facebook Communications Strategies
  • Social Media Measurement
  • SEO, SEM & Content Curation
  • Leveraging Online Video
  • Media & Influencer Relations 3.0
  • Customer Service & Brand Management Online
  • Mobile PR
  • Investor Relations & Financial Communications
  • Public Affairs 2.0
  • Crisis Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Case Studies 

Review Full T.O.C.

Several of our guidebook contributors note the importance of being on top of all the latest technologies and changes. It’s now a part of your job. But it doesn’t mean that the people you are reaching are as tech-savvy as you. So don’t throw an app down their throats if they aren’t even on smartphones. Don’t set up a Facebook page if they’re more comfortable and active on LinkedIn.

Communicators now have an incredible opportunity to seize social media and capture the attention, emotions and allegiances of thousands if not millions of stakeholders. It’s up to you what you’re going to do with all these platforms at your disposal. A watched pot doesn’t boil – so get out there (after you finish this guidebook) and do something! In this book, you’ll learn (or relearn) that water boils at 212 degrees F, not at 210 degrees F or at 211 F – only at 212 F. This means you can capture 99% of the heat you need but if you don’t have that one missing magic degree your pot of hot water will never boil. Here’s to this PR News Digital Guidebook taking your social media initiatives to the next degree.

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