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Employee Communications Guidebook, Vol. 4

Employee Communications Guidebook, Vol. 4

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Quick Overview

In this edition of the PR News Employee Communications Guidebook, we have recruited a stellar set of authors who have shared their real-world perspectives on how to connect employees to each other and how their organizations can create vibrant and sustainable value propositions.

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You'll find tips on how to roll out corporate engagement programs; keep your best and brightest employees motivated in a difficult economic climate; use crowdsourcing techniques to tie employees' activities more closely to the bottom line and recognize achievements; build morale through community involvement; engage with your internal team during a period of transition; encourage employees to become thought leaders; train frontline staffers to think like PR pros; and set policies for using social media networks.
Chapters Include:
  • General Overview
  • Motivation & Morale
  • Management Innovation
  • Recruiting & Retaining Talent
  • Crisis Management
  • Social Media
  • Workplace Culture and Brand Evangelists

Review Full T.O.C

PR News' Employee Communication Guidebook presents the insight, strategies and experiences of executives, communicators and PR practitioners who have transformed organizations by:

➤Recruiting and retaining the best talent.

➤Tapping into the intellect and creativity of their workforces.

➤Leveraging today’s social media tools and other technologies to foster interpersonal collaboration and create a strong corporate culture.

Organizations today are under growing pressure to identify new opportunities and constantly improve existing processes in order to respond to constantly changing markets. This requires a workforce that is intelligent, talented and resilient. After all, it is not enough to simply make it through the storm. As Luke Lambert, president-CEO of Gibbs & Soell, points out in the overview section of this book, “At a time of great uncertainty, mental toughness is in big demand.” This perspective is all the more critical in today’s dynamic and volatile economy, because both organizational structures and strategic objectives must shift as marketplace realities change. How effectively can organizations respond if their employee relations’ structures are rigid, job functions are stovepiped and the employees are “stuck” in their ways. Ironically, the cure to this malady is more talk—or at least more frequent and higher quality employee communication.

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