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Employee Communications Guidebook - Digital Version

Quick Overview

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In PR News' Employee Communications Guidebook, Volume 4 internal communications experts share their best practices, tactics, checklists, role-playing suggestions, case studies and policies to help you improve workplace morale; meet the challenges of management turnover; recruit, develop and retain talent; manage crises; set boundaries on social media use; and break down the barrier between brand and employee.

Employee Communications Guidebook - Digital Version


You'll find tips on how to roll out corporate engagement programs; keep your best and brightest employees motivated in a difficult economic climate; use crowdsourcing techniques to tie employees' activities more closely to the bottom line and recognize achievements; build morale through community involvement; engage with your internal team during a period of transition; encourage employees to become thought leaders; train frontline staffers to think like PR pros; and set policies for using social media networks.
Chapters Include:
  • General Overview
  • Motivation & Morale
  • Management Innovation
  • Recruiting & Retaining Talent
  • Crisis Management
  • Social Media
  • Workplace Culture and Brand Evangelists

Review Full T.O.C

Employee communications, just like every other public relations discipline, is changing rapidly as a result of the influence of new technology, social media and evolving workplace demographics. Today, employees have unprecedented access to company information and the means to transmit it to the public swiftly and anonymously, impacting an organization’s reputation along the way. Motivating employees so that they equate their own success with that of the company is the surest way to guarantee that the information they share will reflect well on their colleagues and the organization.

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