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Guide to Best Practices in Nonprofit Communications - Vol 1 (Print Version)

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The stakes are high in nonprofit communications. You have many audiences to serve and often limited resources with which to execute your plans. Communicating to your many stakeholders in smart, fresh and innovative ways is at the crux of this first edition of PR News’ Guide to Best Practices in Nonprofit Communications. Whether it’s leveraging social media to reach new members, monitoring an industry crisis that affects your key constituencies or identifying the right partners to launch a new service, the role of the nonprofit communicator is both exciting and uniquely challenging.

Guide to Best Practices in Nonprofit Communications - Vol 1 (Print Version)


Nonprofit Communications: The Real Return on Your Investment
Members. Donors. Directors. Employees. Volunteers. Partners. Beneficiaries.

PR News has been covering the nonprofit sector for six decades, but it has been in the past five years that we have taken a more laser-focused approach to our growing community of nonprofit communicators. Our Nonprofit PR Awards, held in the fall/winter, showcase the top nonprofit PR campaigns and leaders. Our nonprofit-focused webinars and articles in our newsletter and on highlight the distinct issues facing associations, NGOs and other nonprofits. And now, with this Guide to Best Practices in Nonprofit Communications, we bring you the thought leadership to help you accelerate your communications efforts, learn from your peers and master the many areas of PR, marketing and branding that are necessary now and in the near future.

Chapters in the guidebook include:

Chapter 1—Overview

  • Nonprofits Align Communications Plans With Economic Reality
  • A Business Approach to Nonprofit Communications
  • Prudent Public Relations Tactics for a Time- and Money-Challenged Era
  • First Step in Creating Effective Communication Strategies for Orgs: The 90-Day Plan
  • To Connect With Your Niche, Adopt Its Point of View

Chapter 2—Research

  • Volunteerism Holds Steady in Spite of Recession
  • From Mainstream to Tweetstream: The Future of Integrated Measurement
  • Leadership Deficit: The Challenges of Filling Top Positions at Nonprofits
  • Collaboration a High Priority for Nonprofit Pros
  • Nonprofits Lead the Way in Social Media Adoption
  • Social Media Provides Untapped Opportunity to Engage High-Dollar Nonprofit Donors

Chapter 3—Funding and Membership Communications

  • Making Nonprofit Campaigns Count With ROI
  • Six Fundraising Remedies for an Ailing Economy
  • Donors and Nonprofits: Do Your Homework Before Writing (or Accepting) the Check
  • Millennial Money: How to Attract the Next Big Target Group to Your Donor Base
  • Donors as Stars: ‘Identification’ Is the Key to Successful Video-Based Fundraising
  • How One Fundraising Effort Intertwined Fans and the Hirsute Tendencies of Hockey Stars
  • Unsung Physicians Rebrand Themselves to Attract Members and Generate Awareness
  • A Nonprofit Insurance Company Retools Its Image and Message to Members
  • Collect the Right Information and Put It to Work
  • Communicating in the Shadow of Disaster: Practical Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits
  • On-the-Go Communications: Leveraging Mobile Tools for Membership Outreach
  • A Drug-Prevention Training Toolkit Is Designed With Pre-Teens—and Donors—in Mind

Chapter 4—Crisis Management

  • The Crisis Plan: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Reputation Rehabilitation
  • The CDC Stays in Front of the H1N1 Story
  • Plant the Seeds of Trust Before the Layoffs
  • Framing and Executing a Crisis Communication Plan for Your Nonprofit
  • Grassroots Campaign Quashes Planned Cold Storage Facility in the Big Easy

Chapter 5—Social Responsibility

  • How to Successfully Align Your Company With the Right Cause
  • How to Integrate ‘Environmental’ Into Your Corporate Responsibility Efforts
  • Nonprofit Aims to Achieve Green Building Status
  • Teach Your Children Well: Seattle City Light Takes ‘Shrinking Bigfoot’ Into the Classroom

Chapter 6—Branding and Marketing Communications

  • Not Just for Fortune 500 Companies: Nonprofits Market Their Brands
  • A City and University Partner to Boost a Neglected Downtown
  • Becoming Strategic: The Rebranding Evolution of the Flinn Foundation
  • Using Public Service Advertising to Promote Nonprofit Communication Goals
  • Feeding America Gets a Public Boost While a Bite Is Taken Out of Obesity
  • 10 Ways to Market Nonprofits in a Tight Economy
  • Nonprofit PR Keeps Getting Harder, So Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Chapter 7—Media Relations

  • Generate Media Coverage That Will Resonate
  • To Catch the Media’s Ear, Keep Your Stories Sweet and Simple
  • Answer Questions Without Dodging, Then Sound the Call to Action
  • Avoid the Media Tune-Out Effect by Skipping Jargon and Using Plain English
  • Many Roads to the Essential Media Message Point for Nonprofits
  • Feeding the Journalists: Optimizing Your Web Site to Increase Media Coverage
  • Animal Passion and a ‘Desperate’ Strategy Give Pet Adoption Campaign a Boost
  • Advocacy and Nonprofit PR Propels California Menu Labeling Bill Into Law
  • ALO Cultural Foundation Crosses Borders for a Child With Fraser’s Syndrome
  • Construction Concerto: Media Relations Efforts Orchestrate a Groundbreaking Move
  • Art + Media Outreach Prompts a Post-Katrina Cultural Renaissance in New Orleans
  • A Nonprofit and PR Firm Whip Up a Diet for Media Success
  • An Aggressive Media Outreach Campaign Tackles Tobacco Addiction
  • The Making of a National Expert Builds Awareness for UCF
  • Working With Community Access TV to Get Your Message Out

Chapter 8—Social Media

  • How Your Nonprofit Can Launch a Social Media Program With Impact
  • A Facebook Page is Not Enough: How Social Networking Can Be an Influencing Tool
  • How Nonprofits Can Go Viral to Get Their Messages Out and Reach Their Base
  • How One Nonprofit Measures Its Social Media Marketing
  • Tiny Organisms Take the Big Stage Thanks to a New Blog
  • A Nonprofit Team Works to Empower Survivors of Domestic Abuse
  • System Reboot: A Revamped Web Site Gets the Message to the Masses
  • Boomers’ Use of Social Media Skyrockets, Changing Media Landscape
  • How Nonprofits Can Develop Solid Social Media Metrics

Chapter 9—The Corporate/Nonprofit PR Partnership

  • Issues Management: Leveraging New Rules of Effective Public-Private Partnerships
  • Beyond Traditional Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships: Fulfilling Your Org’s Mission
  • Navigating the Win-Win Road: Creating Successful Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships
  • Irreconcilable Differences: Severing Ties When a Corporate Partnership Goes Awry
  • A Partnership Marries Environmental Awareness With Performing Arts

You’ll notice that the tenets of outstanding communications are the same across all sectors—whether it’s a nonprofit or a Fortune 500 company. Our many contributors to this book apply those key ingredients to their advice and tactics within these pages, but add the special spice that is the perspective and unique experiences of nonprofits. Enjoy the mix of viewpoints, tactics and strategies and please keep us informed of your winning recipes as well.  Order your copy today!

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