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PR Measurement Guidebook, Vol. 6

PR Measurement Guidebook, Vol. 6

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In this PR News guidebook you'll find the freshest and smartest ideas for measuring the impact of public relations and tying your efforts to key business objectives and performance indicators, from awareness to sentiment and perception, from influence and advocacy to action and participation.



One of the many measurement topics we cover in this book is how to prove your own worth to senior management. David Rockland, CEO of global research at Ketchum, implores communicators to speak the language of market research. “In the past PR pros have had the attitude of ‘things were fine without having to prove our worth,’” he says. Attitudes have rightly changed. Speaking the language of research and allocating time for measurement are essential: “Calculate the odds of keeping your job or client if you consistently challenge the CFO on the ROI of what you do,” says Gordon Andrew, managing partner at Highlander Consulting, in this book. 

Chapters Include:

  • Overview and Research
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Managing Reputation & Measuring Crisis
  • Media Relations
  • Stakeholder Communications 
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Proving PR’s Worth
  • Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research

For some communicators, measurement is like that vexing, all-knowing customer who walks into your store or office and everyone hides behind the closest object for fear of being seen. For others, measurement is the gateway to success. They can’t get enough of it. If you’re in the latter group, this PR News Measurement Guidebook is for you. And if you’re in the former “hideout” camp, this book is also for you, as you understand that you can run, but you can’t hide from measurement.

Linda Childers Hon of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications notes in this book that “It’s easy to measure things that don’t matter, and difficult to measure things that do.” We take the sting out of the difficulty by providing you with sound ideas, tactics, checklists and do’s and don’ts that will accelerate your measurement efforts.

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