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PR News Measurement Guidebook, Vol. 5 (Print Version)

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Chapter 1—Measurement Overview
Chapter 2—Sales & Marketing
Chapter 3—Reputation Management
Chapter 4—Media Relations
Chapter 5—Stakeholder Communications & Internal PR
Chapter 6—Social Media Metrics
Chapter 7—Proving PR’s Worth
Chapter 8—Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research

PR News Measurement Guidebook, Vol. 5 (Print Version)


In this PR News guidebook you’ll find the latest best practices, strategies and tactics on PR measurement from some of the top thinkers in the field. You’ll get insight on the Barcelona Principles from one of the measurement experts who actually helped craft them; you’ll learn about a “message analytics” approach to measuring the quality of comments about your brand so you can better monitor reputational issues; you’ll develop skills at finding your most important influencers and actually measuring their influence; and you’ll learn how to keep your social media measurement and evaluation approach and tools simple so you can more easily build measurable, desired outcomes into your PR initiatives.

The migration of public relations work to social networks has not made measuring these efforts in terms the C-suite can understand and appreciate any easier. The transition has happened so fast and the learning curve is actually getting steeper as communicators get more sophisticated at using their skills on Facebook and Twitter. Daylong conferences and workshops on social media have sprung up just so PR pros can learn from their peers (we’ve been part of these educational efforts at PR News). This has only intensified the need to measure the success of these efforts so organizational leaders will continue to budget for them.

We thank all the measurement experts who contributed their hard-earned insight to Volume 5 of the PR Measurement Guidebook, which we hope will help tie PR pros’ storytelling abilities to the science of measurement. These contributors know that PR measurement continues to be a series of experiments, contradictions and breakthroughs, and that we all benefit from a mix of voices and a healthy debate.

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