August 22 2019, Boost Coverage with Your Own Brand Newsroom Webinar


You don’t want to miss PRNEWS’ Webinar on August 22. You will hear from communications professionals about building and managing high-impact brand newsrooms.

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In the past few years, companies have embraced the brand newsroom, but not every brand is getting the results they need. It’s not enough to simply post a bunch of content and hope for the best.

Now that we are in an age of content oversaturation, you need to create a clear and consistent strategy that will help you connect with your readers and deliver the results you need.

You’ll Learn:

  • When to use brand newsrooms as a distribution hub for company content
  • How to ensure your target audience is finding and viewing your content
  • How to build and organize a thriving online space that’s the definitive resource for company information and news
  • Build a team that can respond to real-time opportunities and news events
  • How to read data and create a measurement strategy to understand what content is effective
  • How to craft compelling stories and deliver quality content that doesn’t just sound like fancy press releases
  • How small and medium-sized organizations can make brand newsrooms work
  • When to outsource to an agency or freelance writers