July 25 2019, Crisis Management Tips to Keep You Cool in the Hot Seat Webinar


You don’t want to miss PRNEWS’ Crisis Management Webinar on July 25 especially in this age of live streaming, #MeToo and politically weaponized tweets.

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Today, anything less than a real-time response is too little, too late—learn how to be better prepared to stay nimble in the heat of a crisis.

Organizations like yours need to be proactive to survive, which is why our speakers are crafting their presentations to focus on the most effective ways to anticipate, mitigate and manage a crisis.

It’s easy to think of crisis management as a reflex rather than a deliberate approach. But keeping your finger on the pulse of your brand’s image—and having the right assets, tactics and plans ready to deploy at a moment’s notice—is the only way to escape a crisis unscathed.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to create the best crisis management plan for your company
  • How to develop flexible creative assets that can be prepared before a crisis and adapted on the fly
  • Instruction on using social listening tactics to get real-time information on your company’s reputation
  • How to keep consistent messaging across different media platforms while a narrative continues to develop
  • How to measure social and traditional media channels to track the effectiveness of your work throughout a crisis
  • Ideas for creating social posts, emergency websites and other digital assets in anticipation of a crisis
  • How to build cross-departmental communication systems so your organization is connected and informed throughout a crisis