March 25, 2020, Free Registration: Communicating about COVID-19 — Navigating a New and Uncertain Crisis


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Across the world, communications professionals and the communities they live and work in are grappling with the outbreak of COVID-19. The virus’s lack of history, coupled with its rapid human-to-human transmission, has created a landscape rife with misinformation, alarm and panic.

People are craving accurate information from reliable sources and how we communicate can have tangible effects on our communities. Knowing how conversations about the virus circulate on the web can help communicators stay abreast of misinformation. Yonder is tracking the movement of information about COVID-19 on the internet and will share their analysis to help facilitate ongoing efforts to keep constituencies informed.

Whether it’s the conversations happening internally or externally, how we talk about COVID-19 and its impact will determine if we’re helping protect our communities and those we serve or proliferating panic.

  • How you can prepare with communications tools to respond to the changing, uncertain effects that COVID-19 could have on business and society.
  • How to be a trusted information source internally and externally without escalating a tense situation.
  • To determine what information to share with stakeholders and, more important, how to deliver that information so that it reaches as many stakeholders as possible
  • How to keep your message consistent across platforms and develop a reliable cadence to update your constituencies