PR Measurement Guidebook, Vol. 10


The PRNEWS Measurement Guidebook will help hone your analytics skills, determine which metrics are most important for your company, and find out how other organization use analysis to improve business performance.

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One of the many measurement topics we cover in this book is how to prove your own worth to senior management. You’ll hear the latest thinking on how PR can bring together the craft of communication with the discipline of measurement.

For some communicators, measurement is like that vexing, all-knowing customer who walks into your store or office and everyone hides behind the closest object for fear of being seen. For others, measurement is the gateway to success. They can’t get enough of it. If you’re in the latter group, this PRNEWS Measurement Guidebook is for you. And if you’re in the former “hideout” camp, this book is also for you, as you understand that you can run, but you can’t hide from measurement.

This guide to public relations measurement takes the sting out of the difficulty by providing you with sound ideas, tactics, checklists and do’s and don’ts that will accelerate your measurement efforts.

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