Google for Communicators Guidebook, Vol. 1


PR News’ Google for Communicators Guidebook gives you the tools you need to master Analytics, AdWords, YouTube and beyond so that you’re doing your job smarter and more effectively.

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Professional communicators need help with Google, but the kind of help you need is not on wrestling with inscrutable interfaces or buggy software. Rather, you need eyeopening explanations of the vast possibilities of Google’s tools and how other communicators have taken advantage of them.

That is the aim of the contributors to this book. “After about a year of honing my Google Analytics skills,” says Greg Kunkel, senior marketing and communications program manager at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, “my CPC was low and my conversion rates were higher than my marketing counterparts…my budget increased that year.” Kunkel explains how his journey brought him success, and his fellow authors pitch in with their advice about Analytics, AdWords, YouTube and beyond.

The world is changing. “We’re trying to make everything we launch with mobile at the forefront,” says Katy Martin, senior account manager at Google. Terrence Fleming of PwC adds, “Searchers are becoming more comfortable with giving companies their approximate location (via GPSbased location services) in exchange for a more tailored, personalized experience.” This book will help get you on the right path as the internet of tomorrow broaches the horizon.

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