April 14, 2020, TikTok: Best Practices & How to Make it Work for Your Brand


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The Clock is Ticking: Should you be Using TikTok for Your Brand and Organizational Messaging?

When it comes to fast-growing apps, it seems that TikTok is all anyone is talking about. Nearly every list of predictions for 2020 included a reference to the anticipated growth of this youth-skewing, short-video platform from China. And there is a wave of influencers emerging on the video platform. The key question is for brands and nonprofit organizations is whether or not marketing and messaging using TikTok is a good investment for you. This webinar will provide you with the tools you need to answer that question.

In addition to offering an overview of successful brand and nonprofit campaigns on TikTok, it will examine content creation, audience behavior and options for advertising and influencer deployment.

  • Determine if TikTok is a fit for your brand, including a discussion of security issues
  • Present a compelling narrative for your brand or nonprofit in less than one minute
  • Make video content stand out using humor, music, challenges and unexpected moments
  • Understand audience and user behavior
  • Harness influencer marketing
  • Navigate the latest in TikTok’s ad options